The Dishearten of Eden

Season 17 of classic Who is a divisive one for fans of the program.  The Douglas Adams inspired tone of the program, so delightful in The Pirate Planet reached its zenith in City of Death but overall the season was wildly uneven with two stories, The Horns of Nimon and this weeks cap addition, Nightmare of Eden, widely considered to be among the ten (or even 5) worst stories of all time.

A pantomime monster, enough ham on screen for an Easter dinner, below standards (even for Doctor!) special effects, and some incomprehensible acting choices cannot redeem a story which had some good ideas but was too discordant both in front and, as the DVD extras explained, behind the camera to overcome it.

We cap these stories so you don’t have to.

One more week of caps to put into the Tour before the newest run of Matt Smith stories begin.  They’ll resume later in the Autumn.  I wonder what next weeks cap addition will be?