Six Impossible Astronauts Before Breakfast

Although you might think we here at the Tour should be used to it by now, the week leading up to a new season is one of immense anticipation for us, and we suspect you as well.  One of the ways we get ourselves ready is to put forward a clear-the-decks site wide update.  This one covers every corner of the site and adds approximately 6500 images while raising the overall image count to just under 112,000 images.  As always to find out where the changes landed go to The Master List.

As the new season beckons, a little refresher for those new to the Tour about what we do ‘in-season’ as it were.

  • Images for each story will only appear after the story has been transmitted on BBC1.  Caps for the episodes should appear the day after.
  • Only images for the new stories will appear on the site during the new season run.  Believe us that keeps us plenty busy.
  • The 2010 Dynamic Ratings Table will morph into the 2011 version.
  • The THT Rand-o-Pix of the Day will stay focused strictly on the new season whilst ‘in-season.’