12 Years… 76K Images… Many, Many Thanks

Tidying up after a very busy holiday week here at THT Worldwide.  This should have gone out on the 23rd but (insane work schedule + family obligations = who knew?) we’ll celebrate the re-airing of the first episode of An Unearthly Child  on the 30th instead.  In any event the 46th Anniversary of Doctor Who also marks the 12th Anniversary of the site.  In the past year alone the site has grown in content by 25%, switched primary hosting twice, along with endless restructuring behind the scenes.  Many thanx for all of your continued patronage and as we await the end of the Tennant era coming up, and know that we thoroughly enjoy all of the feedback and contributions as we look forward to a busy 2010.  The site anniversary and the headlong rush to the end of the year also reminds us about several site improvements going forward.

  • Promo cap images for The End of Time from the end of The Waters of Mars and this years Children in Need are here and here.
  • This should have been covered during the last site update, but the first “classic” series companion to get their own “Who Not Who” page is Elizabeth Sladen, who has so ably straddled both the old and new eras of the show.  This is where any of here SJA images will be located, save those from The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith.
  • The (much anticipated?) return of the Tour’s screensaver array, The Vortex.  In addition to the back catalogue of previous efforts, there are two new screensavers promoting the end of the Tennant era, The End of Time.
  • As always at this time of year, we’ve dusted off our annual Holiday tradition…. The original Doctor Who Christmas special, The Feast of Steven