The Game of (Pond) Life

Kind of a combo platter of an update now that the September run is over.  Getting back into the habit of doing classic cap-itology by putting out a vastly improved set of caps for Sylvester McCoy’s Remembrance of the Daleks.  It’s easy to forget what an impressively visual story this was, quite ‘modern’ in it’s own way and, in terms of straightforward story telling, arguably McCoy’s best.  As the site (and Doctor Who) lurches forward toward another anniversary, attentive Tour followers will notice a trend emerging in these weekly cap additions.  But for now just enjoy the caps.

The other part of this smallish update is a bit of clean-up from the “Pond era.”  There were a bunch of images leftover that we thought might be part of one of the stories from the series 7a run but instead turn out to be from Pond Life, which to this point only had caps integrated in to the Tour.

Stay tuned shortly for an announcement which will involve leveraging Tour content and quite possibly YOU as part of the Tour’s run-up to the 50th Anniversary next year.