Spring is Bus-ing Out all Over

The Season-o-Specials for 2009 begins with the fun, interesting, but all-too-forgettable Planet of the Dead.  By now, at least during the RTD era, the pattern for ‘Holiday’ Specials should be very clear.  Big, expansive entertainments have been the norm, although it must be said the plots don’t always hang to well upon reflection.

The update to the site this time around confines itself solely to Planet of the Dead, and we should apologize somewhat for the lateness in getting images related to the story up on the site as there we’ve been experiencing some significant server issues inconveniently coalescing around the weekend premiere.  We wanted to wait until everything was pulled back together before announcing the update.

One thing the THT Brain Wizards are particularly excited about is the move to HD production for the show which in turn means the introduction of higher-quality HD caps (re-sized down slightly to conform to the necessities of managing the site),

Images and caps for Planet of the Dead are now online.