Sun, Surf, Song, Bow Ties and High Tops

So here we are… quite late, but full of excitement for the resumption of production on a new Doctor Who season.  Here at the Tour we mark the occasion with a long, LONG overdue site update (actually a more of a confession digression.. the update has been posted for a while but we’ve been working on other site improvements) .  This update, while largely focused on Tennant and Eccleston, touches every corner of the site.  Check out The Master List for a complete overview.

We’ve also been at work burrowing away finding images for the 5th season, and normally don’t post production images until after a story airs, but c’mon… These are the first images for the new crew, and we’ve assembled 325 images for their first few days on the job in this gallery.  It would be restating the obvious that there are spoilers (an especially appropriate term) to be discovered in going through these images.  But that won’t stop you, will it?

As for the new look, we quite like the 1950’s Ivy League graduate student vibe going on.  One which, if it holds, should also provide enough variation to wear well with the public.  The Tardis shell looks brand spankin’ new and quite consciously harkens back to the 1960’s in design touches.

This Tour update raises the overall image count to 69,200 — a 3500 image bump — with many, many other pix being improved upon, so jump on in and enjoy the pix.