Strong Aye for the Wise Guy

Steven Moffat, as everyone knows, is not only the Executive Producer of Doctor Who, but also a lifelong fan, even historian, of the show.  And because knowing the past, especially in an Anniversary year, often informs the present, we had a couple of takeaways from The Bells of St. John.  Certainly Moffat gleaned from RTD the value of a frothy season opener (and yes the drones here at THT Worldwide know if technically wasn’t–but it sure felt like one) because we had lots of flashbacks to Partners in Crime.

But the change in tone has every bit as much to do with Jenna-Louise Coleman, and her hand-in-glove fit the Moffat repartee and the way Smiths Doctor always seems to be trying, and failing, to impress Clara.  It’s a joy to watch, and a reminder that changes in companion are every bit a pivot point for the show as a new Doctor would be. High marks all around.

It’s a funny things about images related to some of them danged new-fangled stories, there’s a feast of famine quality in that some stories are festooned with images whilst others are quite spare.  This is a week to feast, especially if you like motorcycles.  Next week?  Well that’s next week.

Images and caps for The Bells of St. John are now online.