Regeneration X

A mild state of confusion reigns here at THT Worldwide (and no it doesn’t have anything to do with shaky hosting issues but we’re working on it thanx for asking).  Rather it has to do with the publicity run-up to the fourth series of SJA.  Matt Smith’s appearance in the third story, Death of the Doctor, is naturally getting a significant share of attention.  It presents a back-door way, in a sense, for RTD to write for Matt Smith (not to mention Katy Manning it should be added) and that’s all good.  What pricked up our collective ear was the statement…

“The Doctor doesn’t have to be white. And he can regenerate more than 12 times—a lot more!”

Fair enough, although the inevitable tensions about there being a regeneration limit of 12 begun in The Deadly Assassin should be allowed to more fully play out.  And maybe they will.  Any good writer, and RTD certainly qualifies on this score, can and could neatly work around this or even use this as a plot point should they choose to do so.  Our qualm lies with the notion that this is being broached, reportedly, in the Sarah Jane Adventures and not in Doctor Who itself.

This is incredibly important canonical stuff, not something to be put in through an indirect outlet.  If this would have come out in a Big Finish story just to throw an obvious example out there, would be considered legit?

Of course all this speculation could be rendered moot two lines of dialogue, and RTD hasn’t been shy about using misdirection before.

But we’re fans.  This is what we do.