And not the much-beloved Robert Vaughn version.  Lots-o-work getting ready for a certain site anniversary coming up, so it’s time we got off the fence regarding Death of the Doctor.  We here at THT Worldwide have tired to waiting for a suitable (read that HD) version of the second, Matt Smith intensive, part of this story to grace the airwaves anywhere so we present a schizoid collection of caps from the story, the first half in glorious 720p, the latter in SD.  If and when the second half makes an appearance we’ll re-cap it but until then…

So what do we think of Death of the Doctor?  Until the trunk show which (often for good reason) stays away from indulgences in the show’s past, SJA is thoroughly unafraid to do so when the occasion warrants.  RTD’s return to the DW universe is full of the sentimental gush we’ve come to expect from him, but as this is a story which hinges on this emotive response from the characters and the audience it feel perfectly justified.  Katy Manning is in form and we were heartened to see the grace notes the story provided about Sarah Jane’s, and not Jo’s, continued path-crossings with the Doctor, as well as the Doctor and Jo little conversation on the planet.  As for Matt Smith, the man does more with a knowing look than almost any other actor we can think of.

Were there needless continuity references thrown around, especially at the end of the story?  Perhaps.  But the pacing of the story left that for later consideration.  Good for the audience and fans alike.  Well done RTD.  Don’t feel that the welcome mat isn’t still out.

Images and caps for Death of the Doctor are now online.

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