SJA Belay

Regular visitors to the site while Doctor Who is “in season” know that we’re usually pretty good at turning images for newly broadcast stories quickly, almost always within 36 hours of initial airing.  We were able to also move with speed last year after The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (as we learned afterwards this turned out to be the last thing Tennant ever filmed as the Doctor).

We’d like to be able to claim the same this year with Death of the Doctor.  We have the images set, but have been having growing frustration in getting a cap-worthy copy of the story to work on.  The THT Brain Trust is no fan of on-screen displays and the CBBC logo sits as a deal-breaker for us at the moment.  We’re hoping a logo-free version pops loose soon so that we can get a jump on it and beg your indulgence as a site visitor for a couple more days to pull it all together.

Meanwhile strap yourself in for a MAJOR site update coming in November.  That’s on track.