The Moffat Talent Agency — MoTA #3

It’s been far too long since the Tour ventured back into the great eye for talent that coursed through the Steven Moffat era(s) of Doctor Who stewardship.  This time the focus is on the 11th Doctor, or as the Tour recognizes the 13th (consult The Time of the Doctor for clarifying information there), Matt Smith.

Whether it was an affectation he picked up whilst on Doctor Who or not, this is a man who knows how to straighten a bow-tie.  So, so many of his post Who pictures have him either pulling on one or giving a familiar peace-sign.

After a few independent features Smith rocketed right back into public consciousness with his prominent role in ‘The Crown.’

That two-season stint now over he’s back doing feature work.

You can catch-up on all of his non-Doctor Who career in the massive update to the Matt Smith — Who Not Who! section.