Christmas Comes But Twice a Year

Consider yourself lucky.  Most folks think that there’s only the one Christmas.  But we lucky few know diff’rent don’t we?  Beginning with the return of the show in 2005, Doctor Who fans get, in essence, to have Christmas twice.  The second time, of course, is alongside everyone else as it has quickly become a Christmas tradition, but the first time comes with the resumption of production on the next season of the show, most years ostensibly for the Christmas special, and the on-set pictures that begin trickling out.

I say most years because 2009, in addition to the general paucity of production, had production of Tennant final stories complete by this time of year.  Instead, the first days filming on Series Five, beach shots for The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone filled the gap quite nicely.  2010 does not disappoint either, as the accompanying image for the yet unnamed Christmas Special attests.

It’s way, WAY too early to put up the countdown clock for A Doctor’s Carol (our thoroughly unofficial title, with apologies to the late, great Federation) yet.  But it is tempting…