50 Days to Love Your DR

Much delayed but ultimately not denied here are images and caps for The Day of the Doctor.  Some notable things about the story from a Tour perspective…

This is only the second story to enter the Tour with over 1000 images to it’s credit (apparently Matt Smith–or his double–dangling from under the Tardis is quite an eyeful).  Also the Tour finally crests over 200,000 images (with the milestone image shown on the right).  We’ve also thrown out the rule book concerning cap limits per story.  After all if you can’t make an exception for the 50th when are you going to?

The feeling here at THT Worldwide is that while we quite liked The Day of the Doctor, it’s multifaceted need to ret-con nu-Who history whilst also being celebratory makes this more of a story to admire, not love.  Lots of moving parts.

Still not sure, despite assurance from Mount Moffat, about Hurt’s ultimate role in the Doctor’s timeline.  He sure seemed like a legit ninth Doctor to these eyes, and if rumors regarding Matt Smith’s final story have credence, then it all gets thrown up in the air again.  Can’t wait! (dreading the massive re-naming though)

Sorry about the lack of usual eloquence, but Tour HQ has been plagued with connectivity problems.  More to say perhaps later.