20/20 Hindsight

With the possible exception of Christmas, no date on the Whovian calendar carries more importance than November 23rd.  This day is when it all began with An Unearthly Child and has been spinning forward, sometimes in fits and starts, ever since.

It is also the 20th Anniversary for this site.  The Tour was birthed in the midst of ‘the wilderness years’ between 1989 and 2005.  Even the flickering light which was the 1996 TVM was 18 months distant when the initial Tour was finally pushed out.

Along the way, much like Doctor Who itself, there have been many, many changes, decisions made with good intent but which ended up as technological cul-de-sacs, fallow periods, and other phases of quite intense, almost daily activity (the whole of 2013 comes to mind) that were immensely satisfying.

Now the Tour, and larger Doctor Who as well, are in one of those in-between periods while nu-Who shifts gears from one production hierarchy to another.  We suspect, with some slight regret, that these quieter times will become more the norm than the exception, such is the way broadcasting tends to work these days.  While the Tour itself as a project is not nor will ever be ‘finished,’ given the scope will have always followed for ourselves, much of what comprises the Tour, such as Classic Capitology or Modern Re-capitulation, are more of less complete.

20 years of being a Doctor Who resource, while ancient in internet terms, has been our privilege and will remain so.  Thanx to everyone for their kind comments down through the years.

Now the clock really begins for the Capaldi finale.  We can’t wait and suspect you can’t either.