Blond Ambition

A curious thought arrived here at THT Worldwide whilst watching Let’s Kill Hitler.  The story itself was bumping along quite nicely, what we as longtime fans of the show and of Moffat’s stories in particular have come to recognize and expect.  What we were struck by now just how ambitious this style of storytelling is and has become.

Moffat himself has said as much in the days leading up to the premiere of the back half of this disjointed (as the calendar goes) season.  But he’s also clever enough to know that you can’t keep stringing along the audience for this type of show, so, in the main he gave out answers in Let’s Kill Hitler and resolved questions which go all the way back to Forest of the Dead.

Let’s Kill Hitler was basically River’s story, despite some of the wackier, shall we say, smaller elements that carried the story along.  But the larger story of the past season and a half was fully in play here, even if the sometimes serendipitous events, and people, that kept this timey-wimey distilled romance moving both forward and backward, couldn’t have possibly been predicted when Moffat took the reins back in 2009.  We hope the general audience is staying on board since we fully trust that the fans are.  And isn’t it nice to say that because that means that new Doctor Who is in the air.  As fans we should cherish it because we fear we’re about due for another drought.

Images and caps for Let’s Kill Hitler are now online.