Nights Errant

The Sixth Season Discs are arrived hither, tither, and especially yon.  The much-talked-about discs extra, and a first in Doctor Who as far as we know, is the inclusion of a set of mini-episodes, and while certainly enjoyable, put us here at the Tour in a bit of a quandary.  We’re rather disciplined here at THT Worldwide in that everything here on the site comes out of televised Doctor Who in one way or another, that’s why there aren’t Torchwood or SJA caps (which don’t have the Doctor in them).   But the set of five “Night and the Doctor” minisodes are a different kettle of fish.

Of the five, “Up All Night” reads and feels like an extended or deleted scene from Closing Time and doesn’t feature the regular cast at all, and as such is the most easily dismissed.

Good Night and Bad Night primarily feature Matt Smith and Karen Gillan and, importantly in the case of Good Night, has a conversation between the Doctor and Amy that many fans wish had occurred during the season.

First Night and Last Night feature the kind of timey-wimey River-centered-ness we as fans have come to expect.  These two stories, set somewhere between A Good Man Goes to War and The Wedding of River Song, tie together as one story more fully but still amounts to a trifle that gives larger context to the mentioned but unseen adventures between the Doctor and River.

Almost entirely set within the Tardis, it seems likely the entirety of these minisodes we’re shot over the course of a day tops, but it’s nice to know the cast and crew are going that extra light year or two for the fans, who after all are going to be buying the set to begin with.

Caps for each of these minisodes have now been posted.