Consider the Horse, of Course of Course

Here we are at the precipice of more new-Who, and lucky us we are getting two premieres this year (of a sort naturally).  The Tour saunters along as it always has getting ready for the batch of new episodes by running out a site-wide update, the first in four months, this time adding 14,000 images (including lots and lots and lots of new screen caps) raising the overall image count to 131,500.  For a bit of perspective it took 5 years just for the Tour to get the first 10,000 images together, and here we’re dropping 40% more, lucky lucky you.

As always you can cheat a bit for finding what’s new by going to The Master List.

Now we turn our collective attention the the new run of stories.  We’ll be here to see the relevant story images and caps after each story has aired.  Let’s get going…