Rice Crispies and That Jaunty Plumerai

One might be forgiven in thinking that the putative star of this week’s Classic Capitology addition was Peter Davison, and while you would technically be right, the heavy veil of history strongly suggests a different answer.  Arc of Infinity was the lead-ff hitter for the 20th Season, and JN-T leaning heavily on history as was his wont at the time figured to try to turn the trick accomplished 10 years before with The Three Doctors and bring back Omega.  All well and good as far as it went but what sets Arc of Infinity apart was the guest casting of Colin Baker as Gallifreyan Commander Maxil, complete with a lovely purple helmet feather and enough bluster to always keep that plumage upright.

Companions had appeared in the series both before and after their Tardis time but this was unique in the annals of the whole of Doctor Who.  And then of course the plot has Maxil shooting the Doctor so it makes for a rather neat anecdota, and sadly it’s probably the most interesting thing going on in Arc of Infinity.  It’s a perfectly pleasant, serviceable, though somewhat mechanical story which moves rather predictably through it’s motions, not surprising given the story requirements.

Location shooting in Amsterdam was lovely, and rather generous, though mainly confined to a prolonged chase sequence in episode four.  Then came the greeny Rice Crispy facial. Yeah.  Nothing crispy about those new caps for Arc of Infinity though.

Classic Capitology keeps it all Gallifreyan … next time.