Tom and the Amazing Technocolour Forest

I suppose it’s the chosen burden of the hardcore fan is the endless need, nay compulsion, to (the point of obsession it must be said) draw distinctions between different eras of Doctor Who.  And no Doctor lends itself to this kind of differentiation than does ‘ol Scarf Boy, Tom Baker.

And for obvious reasons.  Seven years, as many (or more) companion combinations.  It’s easy to draw the lines.  For our money here at the Tour Seasons 13 and 14 are the pinnacle of the classic series, and the start of it all was this weeks cap addition Planet of Evil.  Season 12 was a darned fine series of the show, and the combination of Sarah, Harry, and the Doctor worked, but beginning with Planet of Evil, and with only Baker and Sladen to spark off each other, this was the pure Holmes/Hinchcliffe experience in full flower.

It also helped that there were also other really interesting dynamics going on between Sorenson (the obsessed), Vishinsky (the level-headed practical) and Salamar (the hothead).  It is often remembered, and with justification, that echoes of “Forbidden Planet” run through Planet of Evil.  But it was done here 19 years later, much, much better, and on a sliver of that budget (because let’s face it those uniforms aren’t exactly high budget).

The new caps for Planet of Evil are both gorgeous and plentiful.  Who knew.  Classic Capitology covers the waterfront from Alpha to Omega … next time.