Let Zygons be Zygons

Yep a cliche title, but also an apt one.  Having recently written about Terror of the Zygons for the 50 for 50 Countdown at #18, there’s not much to add about this story that wasn’t mentioned before save for this, at #18 all-time this story is, if anything, probably undervalued.

As the new caps show Terror of the Zygons is simply a gorgeous story, and upon further review might well be a top ten, but that’s a post for another time. The hope, as the Zygons are the consensus favorite one-off monster in all of Doctor Who, is that their inclusion in the 50th Anniversary The Day of the Doctor won’t dishonor their memory here.  A passing mention in The Power of Three besides, Terror of the Zygons is an all-time classic.

The caps are pretty good too.

Who knows where Classic Capitology will go next?