Bricks, Water, and an Extended Hand

After an unplanned interregnum Classic Capitology is back, and with a story which is a bit of a poser.

It’s a story born out of desperation, meekly echoing a much grander, more highly regarded story which aired a year earlier, and one which at points walks right up to the border of pastiche without going over.  And yet this story has a long mythological tail which has extended all the way to the present day.

The Classic Capitology team complete the Gallifreyan two-step started last time with Arc of Infinity with a new set of caps for The Invasion of Time.  This is the first story, probably since The Edge of Destruction, with such an untrustworthy Doctor.  But that’s only a little of what made The Invasion of Time memorable.  This is the story best remember for bricks, water, and an extended hand.  Again … this was the most ‘interior Tardis’ story since The Edge of Destruction, only more so.  Brick walls, Leela in a swimming pool, all elements which nu-Who would harken back to.

There have been less motivated companion departures than Leela’s extended hand towards Andred in The Invasion of Time, Dodo’s simply disappearing halfway through The War Machines comes to mind, but it was so abrupt for such a distinctive companion, and one which the series would never the like of again.

The new caps for The Invasion of Time are much more motivated than Leela’s departure, and a darned sight better looking than what the Tour held before.  Classic Capitology will return quite soon.  Just don’t lose your head.