Fire in the Whole

The news that filming for Series 8 will take place on Lanzarote immediately brought Tour Honchos back to Planet of Fire, which gloriously featured Lanzarote 30 years ago.  Now Planet of Fire is a Tour favorite and has been written about, probably over-written all things considered, down through the years.  Planet of Fire kicked off the 50 for 50 Countdown last year and as such we expressed our thoughts about it there.

When the classic series started going abroad for filming the results were always variable.  Everyone remembers City of Death fondly but really when you look back at it, the location filming did little more than showcase Parisian landmarks and did very little for story.  The same could be said for Arc of Infinity and Amsterdam.

Planet of Fire is where they got it right and as such the Lanzarote locations were both generous in quantity and in story relevance.  Also we argue Anthony Ainley as the Master was never better, or better used, than here

This is a gorgeous set of caps for Classic Capitology.  See for your own bad self.

Modern Recap-itulation features the return of a certain ‘bad self’ … next time.