Feeling Mighty Entitled

Blogtor Who clued us here at the Tour to something we should have known as incoming for months, really ever since the casting of Jodie Whittaker was announced.

For purely historical and personal reasons the Tour, going all the way back to the 80’s, have been suckers for ‘homemade Who’ in all it’s forms, and this extends to creating new title sequences for Doctors who have yet to appear on the screen.  Now it’s Whittaker’s turn and a geometrical imagining of her titles has popped up on Vimeo.

Of course the apex of this trend occurred when Capaldi was inbound and a fan created a sequence that caught the eye of Steven Moffat and was essentially ‘bought’ by the BBC to become the basis for what became of his titles, so much so that the original YouTube postings have all been removed based on BBC copyright claims.

But others remain, including our favorite from the time as shown below.

And now, having become aware of the presence of these homemade titles, we learn belatedly about a whole host of would-be could-be Whittaker titles.  Perhaps one of these, like the one below, will similarly be scooped up to form the foundation for the Whittaker era.