The N-teenth Doctor

With Series 12 safely ensconced in the rear view and the revelations from The Timeless Children being assimilated into the overall canon, what should we think about how Jodie Whittaker fits into the long, and occasionally meandering history of the Doctor in Doctor Who.

The press and, for that matter, the rest of the world will continue to refer to her as the 13th Doctor.  The Tour, prior to The Timeless Children, always referred to her as the 15th for reasons we outlined here.

And that’s what it will be going forward.  Whether Whittaker is the second Doctor of a new regeneration cycle (if that still matters) or is in fact the 15th or 515th makes no difference to us, you can expect the level of courteous Tour service as you have for quite some time now.  We’ve been quietly updating some galleries in the background, even in-season, and we’ll do one final round-up of additions in the Whittaker wing soon before turning our attentions elsewhere.  We have a new Tour-project a-brewin that’ll be rolling out during the rest of 2020.

After all, by all indications there will be another yawning chasm looming before Series 13 is a glint in anyone’s eye.