The Most Magnificent Caps in the History of History Itself

Ever since the Tour re-recapped Shada a few weeks back, we’ve been resisting the itch, none too strenuously you understand, to re-recap in glorious HD the other obvious story from the classic realm.

So in lies the premise of how the Tour failed to avoid re-recapping Spearhead From Space.

The Tour has written about  Spearhead before but it’s worth some slight reiteration here.  It’s a unique story in the whole of Classic Who not so much because it heralded the dawn of the color era of the show, or that it was the first story for a new Doctor, or even that it sits somewhat apart even from the stories of an otherwise exceptional Season, the seventh.  Rather it’s all down to the fact that Spearhead From Space was entirely (owing to a BBC strike) shot on film.

As a result Spearhead From Space is glorious to look at and an ideal fit for HD as film inherently holds more information in each frame than videotape.  As should be expected then, the new caps for Spearhead From Space are some of the best the Tour has ever done.

There’s news afoot that the whole of Tom Baker’s first season, the 12th,  will pop up on blu-ray later in 2018.  Honestly, the Tour can’t say we’re all too excited to re-recap even more of these classic series stories, but neither can we promise we’ll be able to stay away from them when the time comes.