50 for 50 — The (Leisure) Hive Mind

One last bit of minor data mining from the collective wisdom of the 50 for 50 lists, this time examining the ways four people both concur and stand out on own private island.

As you might expect, there were stories which appeared on each of the four lists from Alan, Andy, David, and Steve.  There were 11 such stories, or 22% of our lists were completely in common, presented over yonder.  In theory then this should present a consensus of thought for overall great stories.  The number beside the story is the average (rounded) rank for the four lists.

Of interest is that despite being on every list, two stories (*), The Doctor’s Wife and Earthshock didn’t make the overall Countdown list.

Such is life.

 6 Genesis of the Daleks
 7 The Caves of Androzani
13 The Deadly Assassin
14 Pyramids of Mars
16 The Doctor’s Wife
17 The Talons of Weng-Chiang
19 Inferno
20 The Invasion
24 School Reunion
26 Earthshock
28 The Dæmons