5/1/2002 – Version 3.0

Welcome to Version 3.0 of Doctor Who’s Tragical History Tour.

I’ll be the first to admit that I hate re-designs.  I’m nowhere near as good at HTML as I used to be, and what I see that I like out there I can’t find the time or motivation to implement.  Stalemate.  Thus despite the fact that the site has over gone as major overhaul in content, it looks pretty much the same.  Nevertheless we hope that you approve of the changes.

And what might these changes be exactly?  Nothing less than the entirety of the contents of the Tour are now available at one time on the site.  Roughly 900 MB of server space has been secured for this purpose, but not all of the old content is making the switch.  Gone are rotating Season-by-Season galleries from The Cloister Room, the mystery of The Matrix, and the request section The Eye of Orion (after all if everything is here now, requests should no longer be necessary).  But The Randomizer remains and a new section, The H.A.D.S. debuts which will continue to offer different journeys through the site’s image content.  The Panopticon will appear on an occasional basis as events and interest warrant.

While updates will be less frequent owing to other commitments,  returning visitors can be kept up on new images for the Tour when the appropriate pages are updated. (not available yet).
In this third phase of The Tour each Doctor gets his own wing, and then some: