Welcome to 2002 from the Tour!  We’re moving to double features each month with new showing in The Cloister Room and The Panopticon.  The second round of the Tour is now officially in the home stretch here in the New Year, so look for changes to these pages at the conclusion of the current phase of the Tour in or around April 1st.

Wondering at the lack of updates for The Eye of Orion lately?  Simple… No one’s asking!  Before the Tour begins a new variation of it’s existence in the spring, visit The Eye and make a request.

The Arc of Infinity has changed again!  Now all of the Tour’s Colin Baker images are available by looking at Mindwarp.

Just for grins I’ll give Tour regulars an insight into the current programs (U.S.) this fans makes a point of watching week-to-week: (in no particular order)

  • JAG
  • 24
  • The West Wing
  • Law and Order (original)
  • CSI
  • Earth: Final Conflict (it’s losing me though)
  • Enterprise
  • The McLaughlin Group

Intrigued??  Scared??  Think of how I feel..