First ‘Feast’

It’s a Tragical History Tour Tradition (and the Matrix Mutterings before that for those who remember it) back to 1995.   Christmas and Doctor Who at first blush wouldn’t seem to have much in common, and for the most part they don’t, with one significant exception.  The season at hand also affords us here at the Tour a chance to break a little from our usual routines, away from image galleries into more of a storytelling mode, and for good reason.  The Feast of Steven is on display in The Panopticon.

Special thanx to Edward Cowling who has kindly allowed us to incorporate his high quality captures into the Tour.  Some of these were on display for the story Vengeance on Varos in The Cloister Room and The Five Doctors in the Arc of Infinity.  If you can also be of assistance in sharing similar SC’s, you can contact us here.