Sigh…  Well Tour vets, the long promised site re-design isn’t quite here yet.  I had hoped to have it ready for the re-presentation of Season 1 pictures.  We’re now into Season 2 and I still haven’t found time to pull it all together.  It is coming together in frustratingly small bites here and there, and the teething pains (since I haven’t tried anything quite like this for a while) can be unnerving.  Be patient.  Hopefully I can be.  Plus don’t surprised if in the end the new design looks suspiciously like the old one.

The Tour continues to expand and grow, and not just as an image library.  Yet another update has been completed bringing the overall image total over the 5200 mark. (over a five-fold increase in image count since the Tour started).  The site redesign as promised is coming along,  slowly.

We have re-ordered the release schedule, with the season-by-season presentation of pictures in The Cloister Room will be starting over with Season 1.

The Tour has begun anew as we continue moving through the Hartnell era as Season 2 is presented in The Cloister Room whilst in The Panopticon we are using February as a theme for selecting two-part madness.