Frequent visitors will have no doubt noticed some minor cosmetic changes going on around the fringes lately.  I’ve been advised that the applet above hasn’t been working in Netscape.  We’re looking for a fix.  By the way thanx for everybody for your continued patronage as we are perilously close to turning 20000 visits since site inception.

We’re working on something special for Hartnell fans.  Stay tuned for further details.  The Tour forges forward further into the territory of ol’ Scarf Boy, Tom Baker as the lucky 13th season is on display in The Cloister Room.   Meanwhile, in The Panopticon we are looking at the third installment of Paul McGann pictures.  Don’t forget to visit the ‘sister’ site The MUM Page.

The Tour presently forms three parts, all of which will be rotated on a regular basis:

  • The Cloister Room. Our “Season in Review” gallery. Every Month stills from a season of the program will be displayed. Season 13 is now up for review..
  • The Panopticon. Each month we’ll pick a theme for a special themed set of stills, sometimes topical, other times downright silly. In January it’s Storm Warning Ahead!…