10/12/1999 – The earliest archived post – 5000 images!

The Tour continues to expand and grow, and not just as an image library.  Yet another update has been completed bringing the overall image total over the magical, coveted 5000 mark. (nearly a five-fold increase in image count since the Tour started).  The site redesign as promised is coming along,  slowly.  We are also re-ordering the release schedule, with the season-by-season presentation of pictures in The Cloister Room will be starting over with Season 1.

“The Randomizer” has been introduced to Doctor Who’s Tragical History Tour (not to be confused with the late lamented “site randomizer” from Logopolis.com’s old site). Whereas the Cloister Room proceeds sequentially through the history of the program (starting again with Season 1 February 1st) and the Panopticon packages images in different themed formats, the Randomizer is just what it sounds like. Each week (usually on Monday) the THT brain-wizards will let the computer randomly pick a Doctor Who story to showcase, whether it’s a classic like The Caves of Androzani or a stinker like The Horns of Nimon.   You can access it here.

In previous updates I’ve been advertising that I would be looking for input into future direction for the site.  Whilst The Cloister Room runs through the history of the show sequentially, The Panopticon, in addition to being the place where miscellaneous pictures from each Doctor’s era are presented, is designed to showcase different themes of pictures.  Some of these themes are topical, others downright silly.  How you (yes, YOU) can help is to suggest a theme for a given month’s worth of pictures, beginning with the February 15th, 2000 selection.  Make these different Eye of Orion requests by considering those facets of the program which can span different eras of the program.   Send them along, then see what happens.

We will have another update to the The Eye of Orion shortly.

William Hartnell  703
Patrick Troughton  435
Jon Pertwee  696
Tom Baker  1146
Peter Davison  721
Colin Baker  519
Sylvester McCoy  583
Paul McGann  216
TOTAL  5019

The Tour has come to the end of the road, at least the first time around, as we discover why Ace is the place as the 26th Season arrives in The Cloister Room whilst in The Panopticon we are looking at the miscellaneous Sylvester McCoy pictures. Don’t forget to visit the ‘sister’ site The MUM Page.

The Tour presently forms three parts, all of which will be rotated on a regular basis:

  • The Cloister Room. Our “Season in Review” gallery. Every Month stills from a season of the program will be displayed. Season 26 is now up for review..
  • The Panopticon. Each month we’ll pick a theme for a special themed set of stills, sometimes topical, other times downright silly. In January It’s a New Year… Out with the old, the REALLY, REALLY old!
  • The Eye of Orion.   Our request gallery… now open.