An Appetizer for the Feast?

It may seem strange for fans who only know Doctor Who from 2005 onwards, but the connections between the program and Christmas prior to 2005 are almost, with the notable exception of 1965’s The Feast of Steven from The Daleks Master Plan and a holiday timed repeat of The Dæmons, non-existent.

Or so we thought!

Leave it to the internet to provide evidence to the contrary. Twitter user Graham Kibble-White found a clip from the 1964 (!) special and posted it there.

It’s a complete delight and follows into a lengthening tradition of Doctor Who-adjacent Christmassy mashups which the Tour has called a “WHO of Our Favorite Things.”  It’s on us here at the Tour that we really haven’t done a serious follow-up on these since 2013, but there are some beautiful examples we’ve written about here, here, here, and here.

These are truly tidings of comfort and pure joy.