Welcome to the Hotel Cardiff-ornia

Let’s put this out there first.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with The God Complex.  It’s just that…. sometimes it’s the company you keep that carries the overall feeling one has towards an episode.  The company, in this case, is the shadow feeling running out of The Girl Who Waited.  Of course, it also doesn’t help that for the second week running this is an episode which to one degree or another has the Doctor/companion relationship at its core, and in so doing inadvertently trades on somewhat familiar themes.

Had The Girl Who Waited aired in the first half of the season perhaps then perception here at THT Universal towards The God Complex would be more favorable.  This story certainly had the requisite weirdness one might expect, but like Planet of Fire or The Android Invasion, otherwise fine stories that have been somewhat overlooked because they were hammock-ed between two other great stories, we suspect that The God Complex will look better a year or two down the line.

BTW the reference to The Horns of Nimon aside, once the minotaur’s connection was explicitly made, all I could think of was “Lord Nimon!!”

Images and caps for The God Complex are now online.