Rory’s Choice

Wow.  Just wow.   The Girl Who Waited is this year’s Amy’s Choice, the sneaky little, and very personal, mind-bender which brought the series regulars into sharp relief.  Those who have had reason to be annoyed with Amy and Karen Gillan surely have nothing to talk about after a bravura performance this week.  This was definitely an episode which was all about the journey, not the destination, but this particular journey was impeccably shot and directed by Nick Hurran.

There were echoes of other stories rampant throughout The Girl Who Waited, we we’re perhaps a week early with our comparisons to The Mind Robber, but we also had thoughts of New Earth and even The Lodger.  Matt Smith was forced by the plot to be almost entirely reactive (would this be the Doctor-lite episode perhaps?) but this was an story for Darvill and Gillan to shine, and they gleamed as brightly as those hospital rooms the story took place in.

The Tour executroids rated The Girl Who Waited as the second best of the season to date (we kept A Good Man Goes to War in place at the top for it’s centrality to the two-season continuing arc), but it could still move up depending on how the last 3 episodes play out.

Lots of caps this time around. The images however are unusually limited to the usual suspects seen elsewhere on the web.