Back from the Break, In from the Reign

After an extended period laying low (it is the off-season after all), the Classic Capitology Team gets back into the swing of things with a revised set of caps for The Reign of Terror.  Where one gets to thinking about early ‘classic’ Doctor Who The Reign of Terror fits very, very well into the template.  The TARDIS team gets separated, go through parallel adventures (this is especially essential for a six-part historical, got to divide up the narrative you know) and reunite at the end.

In the case of Reign, this even allows William Russell to sneak in a couple weeks off whilst (providentially) imprisoned.  Susan goes to form as well as the wilting wallflower she too often got pigeonholed into playing (though not for too much longer we hasten to add). And Hartnell, despite an especially violent act on his part, gets to wear the original jaunty Plumer.

The continuing absence of episodes 4 and 5 ultimately mean that the new set of caps, while much improved, are still somewhat limited.  But it’s good to get back in the saddle again.

Next time Classic Capitology promises to convene with a story that put the word ‘action’ into Industrial Action.