The TARDIS whirled on it’s way again…

The TARDIS whirled on it’s way again. The Doctor listened to Sara and Steven as they recovered from their recent exertions. Sara asked, “Whatever was that place?”

“I’ve no idea,” Steven replied, “Let’s hope we never land there again.” He heard a tinkling sound and looked up to see the Doctor carrying a silver tray with three crystal wine glasses, brimful. “we so rarely get a chance to celebrate,” remarked the Doctor at their unspoken questions.

“Celebrate?” the mystified Steven asked.

“Don’t you remember? In the Police Station – it was Christmas.”

“So it was,” smiled Steven, taking the proffered glass.

“Here’s a toast. A Happy Christmas to all of us,” said the Doctor, bending a benign smile on his young companions. Then he raised his glass high, saluting a host of Absent Friends and turned away.

“And incidentally – a happy Christmas, to all of you at home.”