Humbug !:(

The (now) annual drumbeat for the Doctor Who Christmas special has begun with a teaser shown during the annual Children in Need event on BBC1.  Even better for those of us caught on the left side of “the pond” was the news that BBC America will be showing both A Christmas Carol and  this summers Doctor Who Prom on Christmas day itself.  Huzzah!

Consequently, as is our custom, we’re presenting a series on caps from a gorgeous 1080p trailer that BBC America published for A Christmas Carol.  It also happens to fit in nicely with our own site run-up to our Anniversary.  Caps for the first trailer of A Christmas Carol are now online.  BTW did you notice how Amy and Rory were dressed in the trailer?

Hurry though, this is a temporary collection just to get us by until the real thing drops on Christmas Day.  As a reminder of this we’ve dusted off the countdown clock for the Christmas Special.

Can’t wait!