Torch(ure) Bearer

Tour faithful are aware that it’s been a tumultuous week here @ THT Towers.  Unexpected server failure for the core of the site was followed with a mishandled changeover to the backup.  DNS hilarity ensued but fear not Tour denizens, we’re still taking oxygen, and as proof we’re rolling out, out of cycle as it were, two new sets of caps for Tour inclusion.

  • The Face of Evil had caps but the new collection is far more complete and properly formatted.
  • The Dominators caps are brand new however, but take our word for it.  Poor stories (and this is one) aren’t nearly as fun to cap as the good’uns.

We also take note of the passing of the Torch, yet again, to Matt Smith.  This time of an Olympic variety.  But did you spot the obvious error everyone made with Smith’s carriage of the flame.  Perhaps it’s been commented on elsewhere and it just escaped our attention but he’s wearing 001 on his running outfit.  If the production staff was canny enough in The Lodger to have Smith in a #11 jersey then, why not now?