Rust Bunnies

Consider the curious case of one Richard E Grant, what we here at THT Omniversal have called our Mystery Guest.  Banished to an obscure corner of the western spiral arm of the Tour, he sits there uncomplaining.  Happy for any attention that can be drawn his way.  Now that the dust has settled from the last major Tour update, attention can be paid to some of the lonelier parts of the Tour.

Now for those who don’t know… as part of it’s online ambitions with Doctor Who, BBCi produced late in 2003 as part of the 40th Anniversary celebrations a new online story starring Richard E Grant as some future incarnation of the Doctor in Scream of the Shalka. This BBC sanctioned event made him Tour-worthy, and by extension was touted for the new Doctor Who series starting in 2005.   Along with the Big Finish audios, this production served as a vital bridge for fans during the closing stretch of the wilderness years.  He also appeared in the 1999 comic relief special, The Curse of the Fatal Death,penned by The Moff himself.

Now we’ve spiffed up the section bringing it into normal Tour look and compliance, whilst doubling the overall size of the section.  The improvement is only about 150 images, relatively tiny by modern Tour standards, but still it’s worthy to remember this part of Who history.