No Caps, No Capaldi, No Problem

During this gap year, the Tour is attempting to boil down the mountainous backlog of images which have drifted in over the transom at THT Worldwide.  And because the Tour Honchos like to believe they have ‘Genuine People Personalities,’ for the second, rather sizable, overall site update in 2016 we’ve put a bit of different spin on it this time around.  There are no screen caps, and nothing whatsoever to do with the current occupant Mr. Capaldi, but we do have something for almost every over ‘Who Not Who!’ gallery throughout the Tour.  We’ve also broken images of Peter Purves out into their own gallery as we’ve encountered quite a few of those of late.

Indeed, this update adds 4400 images to overall site content whilst improving many many others.  As always head over to The Master List for the complete rundown.