The Slow Path

The long awaited information that production on Series 10 will finally be getting underway later in June is good news for everyone who has been fighting that ‘2009 feeling’ all over again.  There’s something comforting, as there had to be with any old-school fan, with the notion that no matter how pedestrian the last episode or even Season was, there was always the prospect of another one coming down the line, and relatively soon.

This has not been our lot this year, and without even ‘set reports’ to feed our curiosity at least the Tour Honchos have gone from being mildly restless to that slightly unforgivable state, apathetic.

This ‘slow path’ as we’ve been on also applies to the latest addition to Modern Recap-itulation, a fresh set of HD-ish caps for The Girl in the Fireplace.

What a gorgeous story this is, and the one which really cemented Steven Moffat’s reputation among nu-Who fans for delivering stories of wildly varying tone.  But what gave The Girl in the Fireplace that little extra frisson was how it knowingly played with and against the real-life relationship between Tennant and Sophia Myles.  They sparkled … and the story did too.

Best of all, especially for the best Moffat stories, the underlying logic of the story, held together until the very last shot.