The Next-iest of Doctors

Sometimes Doctor Who news comes at ‘inconvenient’ times with the other obligations of life, so we apologize for the lateness and potential ignorance of the following.

Of course, we here at the Tour saw the pictures of David Tennant and Catherine Tate on set for the new RTD2 Doctor Who which will be coming late (!) next year.  In fact, truth be told,  we found the overall low quality of the captured, at-a-significant-distance photography, amusing in a ‘bigfoot’ sort of way, which is an awkward way of saying that what we have seen, blurred and off-kilter, lends a further sense of un-reality to what is being made for consumption (much) later, all of which flies firmly in the face of the casting announcements both known and unknown.

Again we consulted with no one on this and read even less, but seeing Bernard Cribbins and Jacqueline King is supposed to make one wonder whether it’s 2008 all over again, or perhaps a missing adventure from that time.  Then again the presence of an alt-Rose and glimpses at Tennant’s alt-form of costuming leads us to think that ‘this’ is a story told about the Doctor, but not by the Doctor, or at least is being perceived by another character, our point-of-view, with all of the distortions that go along with it.

We would like to think that given the tantalizing snippets that this all ties in, somehow, to Ncuti Gatwa is some abstruse way, but the answer, in about 18 months, might be something much more prosaic, something akin to The Next Doctor.  Don’t tell us you didn’t think of that too.

Of course the depressing thing about all of this is the unnegotiable chasm of distance between these on-set nuggets and the unveiling, 18 or so months away.  We’ll all have our own alt-timelines by then.