Bring Me the Head of Patrick Troughton!

If there’s one person who seems to hold endless fascination for the Tour it’s probably Patrick Troughton.  A consummate character actor whose three year tenure as the Doctor was much more the exception rather than the rule in his extensive career, we continue to find new nuggets that show off that range.

In particular we were called to an episode of ‘Doomwatch’ from 1971.  ‘Doomwatch’ was a series very much of its time, with a concerted ecological bent and a lot of Doctor Who cross-pollination in the writing and production.  The episode Troughton appeared in, ‘In the Dark’ from February 1971 has his character who was become permanently disabled and kept alive by mechanical means.  Stills from the episode make him look like a disembodied head.  We found this slightly amusing.

Like any sci-fi concept, Doctor Who has done this before of course, most notably, and recently, in The Wedding of River Song.  Then again if you like your brains more ‘in a jar’ we heartily recommend The Brain of Morbius.