The Faceless Fives (but who’s counting)

Any fan (especially long-term fans it must be said) who has a fondness, much less a longing, for the Troughton era could be forgiven for feeling a bit @ home watching The Rebel Flesh.  Another ‘base-under-siege’ story (like The Moonbase or Fury from the Deep).  A doubles-make-troubles story like The Enemy of the World.  It goes on…

Like almost all nu-Who two-part stories, it’s a little difficult to gauge The Rebel Flesh until The Almost People finishes the story.  In terms of Matt Smith stories, I couldn’t pull away in some sense from thinking about The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood but with the twist that the agent for breaking a very fragile peace came from the humans this time around.
However unlike that two-parter which tried too, too hard to evoke the Pertwee era and finished last in our 2010 Dynamic Ratings, the direction of this story puts it on a much higher trajectory.

Gooey fingers crossed.  Images and caps for The Rebel Flesh are now online.