Gummymint Double

Expectations, for good or bad, are the bane of a fan’s existence.  Sometimes stories surprise because of low expectations, Gridlock is a story which springs to mind for this reason perhaps.  But when a “game-changing” twist for whatever reason doesn’t surprise because of over-inflated expectations, then this fan might have only himself to blame.  The Almost People is a perfectly serviceable conclusion to The Rebel Flesh, although it should be said that the main plot developed more holes as the Flesh seemed to stretch further and further as the story moved along.

The Moffat-izer said earlier this season that good storytelling depends on the surprises you didn’t see coming.  That the Doctor(s) switched shoes and Amy fell for it was a genuine surprise, along with the unintended confidences she let slip, was a neat twist…. and as for next week and the mid-season break.  Who knows.

Sadly for those who feast on images, there have been precious few floating about for The Almost People, and all of them it seems have been available for a while.  But there’s always the requisite set of caps.