Formally Announcing Series 12

Happy Anniversary to Doctor Who (and as it happens–to the Tour–we’re 22 today).

The Series 12 teaser trailer which dropped today is very, very welcome after a prolonged absence.  The trailer itself does what it says on the tin, tantalizing with an admixture of the new and the familiar, building on the Tardis Team from Series 11 while being (welcomingly) darker in tone.

So it seems churlish on our part to be ever-so-slightly disappointed that, aside from a nice teaser image (shown below), there’s nothing else forthcoming regarding ‘the big when.’

Only an end title card telling us what we already knew, ‘Early 2020.’  Does this foreclose any further notions about a ‘holiday special.’  We grudgingly suspect so, and thus the Tour’s patented Countdown Clock stays on the shelf.

We did manage to blow a thin veneer of dust off the Tour’s Cappity Cap technology (patent pending) to produce a decent, small gallery of images from the teaser trailer.  As always these are just itenerent galleries until Series 12 begins in earnest, which could be any month now.