The Tour emerges (at least from a writing perspective) to write about The Tsuranga Conundrum.  At the risk of seeming too harsh, the Tour rates this mid-series story lowest on our Dynamic Ratings not so much because it was a ‘bad’ story as the standard has been quite high so far, but because, despite the setting, there was something too too familiar about The Tsuranga Conundrum.

As the story largely takes place on a hospital ship, we immediately thought of ER and its British antecedent Casualty.  Multiple plotlines (essentially to cleave off the companions–a very traditional move) of descending importance, an impending disaster, and a genuine medical crisis (with the SF gender flip twist).  It’s a nice little turn on a medical drama, but The Tsuranga Conundrum never exceeds the familiarity of the bounds it’s set in.  As such it ‘settles’ to the bottom of our list … for now.

Since the Tour is so deeply in the hole in regards to Series 11, in addition to the most recent story, we’re going to inside-out our observations for the stories to date for Jodie Whittaker’s first Series.

Apologies all around for our lateness and the turnaround for caps for any story, but these Sunday airdates and a hectic Autumn have played havoc with our usual orderly integration for new stories onto the site.

Images and caps for The Tsuranga Conundrum are now online.