The Moffat Talent Agency — MoTA #4

Jussssst getting this in under the wire before the Tour focus turns exclusively to Series 11 for the remainder of it’s run.  The last of this loosely connected series of posts for graduates of the Moffat Talent Agency concerns perhaps the least likely of our quartet but undoubtedly the most successful of the bunch.

Who would’ve thought that starting with the seed of a role in The Fires of Pompeii that Karen Gillan would parlay her athleticism and auburn tresses into a significant Hollywood career.  But roles in Jumanji and the Marvel Cinematic Universe not to mention a stab at a network comedy mixed in have certainly been a tremendous catapult for her, or for that matter, anyone’s career.

A nice little addition to her gallery effectively cleans up the accumulated cruft and points the way forward, at least until Series 11 is in our rear view.

Keen observers of the Tour may have noticed a new skin or ‘regeneration’ for the Tour.  In fact we moved the whole shebang to new digs but like many a regen, the process has not gone at all smoothly.  We like the typography and spacious layout but it is very much a work in process.

But rest assured … all of the various pieces are coming together.

A new era of Doctor Who beckons.  Let’s get our shift on.