Vor! (ungh) What Is It Good For?

Absolutely everything apparently.

One of the things about being ‘experienced’ in the ways of Doctor Who is that you think of yourself accepting of the notion that you are incapable of being surprised.  And yet the revelation that Spyfall Part One was a Master story took the Tour completely by surprise.

This certainly seemed to be the most ambitious story to date in the Chibnall era, but this is where the requisite caution about two-part stories, doubtless a vestige from the Moffat years, kicks in, so we’ll reserve full comment for the back half shortly to air.

One last note about Series 12 and the Tour.  As was the case during the run of Series 11, these Sunday airings are particularly un-friendly for Tour purposes and there will be delays in getting content up and organized as a result.  Can’t be helped.  But we also can’t wait to see ‘Spyfall’ Part Two either.

As a consolation we are going to be something different with our tumblr during the run of Series 12.  We’ll be taking a smidge of the randomness out of it be highlighting a few caps from the previous weeks story.

Images and caps for Spyfall Part One are now online.